Richard Mille's RM 07-04 Automatic Sport tells the inspirational story of a female sports icon Where lighting design meets dynamic movement.Richard Mille RM 07-04 Automatic Sport

The Richard Mille collection saw the arrival of the new RM 07-04 Automatic Sport. Combining performance and functionality with comfort and traditional craftsmanship, the new timepiece marks the brand's first multisport version exclusively for women.

The 6 styles featuring Richard Mille's signature curved tonneau shape are ultra-dynamic with a bright color palette. Its technical body housing the hours, minutes and function selector is powered by the CRMA8 movement - a solid internal skeletonized self-winding movement made of grade 5 titanium. But the most defining quality of this watch is its lightweight material, made of Quartz TPT® and Carbon TPT®; it boasts a total weight of 36 grams including the Velcro® strap. These two high-strength materials ensure optimum protection for long periods of activity.replica watches wholesale

Cécile Guenat, director of creativity and development at Richard Mille, explains: "Rather than confine ourselves to a minimalist aesthetic, we opted for a skeletonized movement with a pronounced complexity." Integration, and a function selector on the movement, the team developed an ultra-compact, durable and comfortable watch, while also creating a new aesthetic for all moments of life. playground.

Beyond the functional attributes of women's performance watches, the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport sets new standards in the market. To celebrate this groundbreaking launch, Richard Mille has delved into its female athletic partners, revealing their bold experiences in driving, track and winter sports. Through 6 inspiring chapters, we learn how the groundbreaking attributes of the watch combine with their skills to become the perfect partner for their cheap watches

Racing driver Aurora Straus represents the "pulse" of the moment. "Racing is essentially a mental sport. The difference in speed is small," she said. “Advantage comes from convincing yourself on a more inner level that you have what it takes to win.” In a green strap watch that represents the green light, her strength lies in finding the rhythm of the ticking track in the watch’s movement. Straus was joined by French racing driver Margot Laffite. "Your preparation has to be methodical and meticulous," says Lafitte. Like the cogs in a watch, the combination of many aspects before she enters the competition is the "signal" of her success.

For Florida golfer Nelly Korda, skill development is the only way to master the game. In her passionate chapter, she shares, "Every week, I'm ready to race, want to race, want to win, want to make a difference." Korda discovers that the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport's build is There are strong similarities between her limited playing styles. The "precision and detail" of the watch matched her golfing trips, she added: "I feel comfortable wearing it, like a part of me. It's easy to wear while exercising. In golf, the precision of detail Very important, when you look at Richard Mille watches, the detail, the precision, the work that goes into each piece is so precise.Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA CASINO

Czech snowboarder and snowboarder Ester Ledecká uses the contemplative yellow as the backdrop for her environment chapter, reflecting on rest and recovery as a factor that should be respected in her sport. This allows her to recharge with intensity on the downhill. "When I ride, when I'm in the mountains, that's my home. There's snow everywhere and some hills. That's where I feel most like myself." With her RM 07-04 Automatic Sport, The Ledecká becomes fearless on the slopes, and together they are powerful in high-pressure situations.

Belgian heptathlete Nafi Thiam is one of the most diverse female athletes in the film. Her broad skill set requires her to be versatile and able to adapt to any given situation, which is what this watch lives up to. She shared, "My drive is my passion. Every day, when I wake up, my drive is to train and try to be the best athlete I can be." replica watches for sale

Ukrainian high jumper Yuliya Levchenko rounded out the series with her gravity-defying energy. Leaping into the sky, carrying one of the lightest timepieces in the Richard Mille collection, she embodies the essence of the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport. "For me, my sport is a way of expressing myself. You could say it's my art," Levchenko said. Like the watchmaking virtuosity of Richard Mille, athletes can only You perform at your best when you perfect your craft. This is what makes her art admired by many.

Despite their different sports, these 6 athletes are united in the drive, grit and commitment they display every day. Like the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport, they leverage their multifaceted skillset to make a difference and succeed, and go on to inspire other aspiring female talents to do the same.replica luxury watches